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Daria Morozova (Culture, Communication and Globalisation)

Daria Morozova (Culture, Communication and Globalisation)

Last modified: 29.06.2021

Daria Morozova started her PhD project 'Practice Theory Approach to Wearable Technology: Implications for Sustainability' in 2018. Daria has been interested in sustainable consumption, fashion consumption, and cultural economy. She is a member of CCG group.



Wearables are a technology that can be worn on one's body. Common examples are a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. However, there are more captivating examples such as a swimwear that measures a UV level, or a haptic jacket that imitates touch sensations. Regardless an initial excitement, recent polls address that users tend to loose interest towards their wearables quire quickly. Drawing on the practice theory, Daria elucidates how different groups of users have been adopting, routinely using and leaving their wearables behind in order to track both problematic and supporting factors for a continuous use. The project is supported by the Aalborg University Talent Management Grant ‘Wearable Technologies and Sustainability’. Olga Gurova is Daria's supervisor.




Head of the Doctoral programme

Lars Birch Andreasen

Associate Professor Lars Birch Andreasen
Phone: +45 9940 2361
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, A, 3-102
2450 København SV

Secretary for the Doctoral programme

Jeanette Arboe
Senior Secretary Jeanette Arboe
Phone: +45 9940 3062
Kroghstraede 3
9220 Aalborg East

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