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Jonas Falzarano Jessen (TANT)

Jonas Falzarano Jessen (TANT)

Last modified: 06.06.2021

Jonas Falzarano Jessen, MSc in Techno-Anthropology and BSc in anthropology started to work with the Techno-Anthropology (TANT) research group on March 1st 2021. He will study how digitalization processes in the Danish and international water industry affect working practices, security and equitable water futures - and vice versa.



Supervised by Associate Professor in Techno-Anthropology, Astrid Oberborbeck Andersen (AAU) and with co-supervision from Assistant Professor in Anthropology, Adrienne Mannov (AU), Jonas' PhD-project forms part of a four-year collective interdisciplinary research project funded by the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, called 'Smart Water Infrastructures' (SWIft), which studies optimization and safety of smart water infrastructures. Jonas studies how to transfer the technical knowledge that is produced in laboratories such as the Smart Water Infrastructures Lab at AAU, onto effective solutions that fit the expectations and needs of the 'actual' world. How do we develop a Techno-Anthropology of smart water technology that allows us to 'translate' social and cultural insights from the world into a form that system engineers, mathematicians and developers can work with in the labs?




Head of the Doctoral programme

Lars Birch Andreasen

Associate Professor Lars Birch Andreasen
Phone: +45 9940 2361
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15, A, 3-102
2450 København SV

Secretary for the Doctoral programme

Jeanette Arboe
Senior Secretary Jeanette Arboe
Phone: +45 9940 3062
Kroghstraede 3
9220 Aalborg East

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