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Theme 5: Intercultural Learning

Theme 5: Intercultural Learning

Intercultural learning concerns your ability to reflect on and obtain from intercultural experiences theoretical and practical insights that you may draw upon in subsequent encounters. Reflexive learning is closely linked to the idea of ‘learning by doing’ and may depart from any activity that you engage in as part of the Global Graduate programme. What is important is that you focus on your learning process, trying to identify situations that puzzled you, as well as any solutions or interpretations that you came up with in response to these. We recommend that you keep a learning log, noting down for each activity how this helped you develop your understanding of international and intercultural relations. At the end you will be asked to provide a brief account of your intercultural learning, telling peers about the intercultural journey you took to become an AAU Global Graduate.

Presentation on intercultural/international experience 5
Poster on intercultural/international experience 5
A diary/written log about your experiences 5
An exhibition of objects illustrating key encounters or moments 5

Presentation or poster on intercultural/international experience

Once you have collected activities worth 95 points or more, you can apply to have a Global Graduate certificate issued. We will announce 2 or 3 deadlines in Spring 2018 and you can choose any of these. However, please consider this in relation to your other activities, incl. exam schedules and MA thesis writing.

Once you have applied for the Global Graduate Certificate, you will need to submit your documentation for all activities that you have partaken in. Please submit your documentation as an online portfolio. We will check your documentation, and if this is approved, invite you to a special workshop for Global Graduates. Here we expect you will provide a short account of your international/intercultural journey and any critical moments that you experienced along the way. This will earn you the final 5 points and meet the requirement for the obligatory module on Intercultural Learning. You will subsequently receive the Global Graduate Certificate.

At the workshop you can choose between the following formats:

  1. A oral presentation (10-15 minutes)
  2. A poster containing pictures, keywords etc.
  3. A diary/written log about your experiences
  4. An exhibition of objects illustrating key encounters or moments

If you think other formats would work better for you, feel free to suggest that these be included. We also plan to develop a blog where you, as Global Graduates, can share stories and pictures about your intercultural encounters.


The Global Graduate programme will hold two workshops in Spring 2020 where you can collect your final points and receive your certificate. The two workshops are typically held in April and ´June. Please note that you can only partake in the workshop once you can document activities amounting to 95 points or more.

All students expected to graduate in 2020 will receive a mail from us, with information about deadlines for submitting your portfolio and the next workshops. However, please note that you can submit your portfolio as soon as you have finished collecting points. You will then be invited to the next workshop that we organise.

Intercultural competence can be defined in different ways. Common to these are knowledge, interaction and practices, which we have therefore chosen as key priorities when selecting activities for the Global Graduate programme.