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How to apply

How to apply


There are two registration periods: About two weeks before the start of each semester, you will receive an e-mail asking you to e-mail your pre-registration of courses you wish to attend, based on the course information available at the ICS website by that time. You will then be required to confirm or amend your course selection during the third week of the semester. No changes in registration are permitted after that time.

Autumn Semester

Late August: Orientation
September 1: Classes begin
Mid-September through early October: Project Writing Workshops
Mid-September: Final registration
Early/Mid-November: Classes end; begin full-time work on project
Mid-December: Project reports due; oral exams for autumn semester only students

Spring Semester

Late January: Orientation
February 1: Classes begin
Mid-February through early March: Project Writing Workshops
Mid-February: Final registration
Early April: Classes end; begin full-time work on project
Mid-May: Project report due
June: exams

Courses and projects

Courses and projects

Approximately 40 elective course units are offered each semester. Some of the course units are standard courses that are offered every year. Special seminars and workshops, which change periodically, are also offered each semester.


Read more about courses, projects and ECTS

Contact ICS

Contact ICS

ICS coordinator Jan Tödtloff Schlosser

Kroghstraede 3
9220 Aalborg East

Phone: +45 9940 9159