Department of Culture and Learning

International Cultural Studies

Eligibility and Requirements

Eligibility and Requirements

Academic Level

Undergraduates are expected to have completed a minimum of one year of undergraduate studies within the humanities or one and one-half years within the social sciences. If you wish to enroll in 7-9th semester courses, you should have completed at least two years of related undergraduate study.

Academic Specializations

Relevant specializations include communication and cultural studies, cultural geography and social history, linguistics and literature, media and film studies, political science and international studies, and marketing. Foreign language majors are especially welcome to apply, as are students specializing in European, Latin American, and Scandinavian Studies.


Proficiency in English is required of all applicants. Non-native speakers of English should submit a test of English as a foreign language in line with the requirements for the time being in force, cf entry requirements stated at the website of the International Office. These requirements will be waived for foreign language majors who are nominated by partner universities, or for native speakers of French, German and Spanish who wish to take most of their classes and write their projects in their native language.

Personal Characteristics

In general, all guest students should be mature, interested in learning about and experiencing other cultures, and able to work both independently and in a group.


Ability to use computers, especially for word processing and for searching information on the internet, is required of all applicants.

General Programme Requirements

The study programme into which you are admitted will consist of a number of courses at your own option. However, you are required to register for ONE project assessment in the form of an individual or group project.

General Programme Restrictions

Maximum registration per semester is 35 ECTS credit points. You may not register for a second semester if you fail your project exam the first semester.