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Disseminating Romanticism: European Connections and Regional Disconnections

Aalborg, Denmark


07.03.2013 kl. 09.00 - 18.00


Aalborg University, Kroghstræde 3, seminarroom 2.119

The standard myth of the romantic genius isolates the artist as both singular and solitary. But the writers and painters of the period were part of various communities and networks, they corresponded across national borders and their productions were influenced by international currents. This conference will examine how writers, painters and composers were connected to each other – and what rivalries existed? What were the channels of dissemination in terms of the import/export of books, the exchange of letters and personal contacts? What was the effect of technological advances (transport, printing, postal service etc.) on the development of connections and the dissemination of romanticism? To what extent was particular regional romanticisms shaped by their emulation of and competition with international currents?


8.30 Registration, coffee
9.15 Welcoming address by Robert Rix
9.30 Chair: 
Robert Rix
Dafydd Moore, keynote address: "‘Too Frivolous to Interest the Public’?: The Archipelagic Correspondence of Walter Scott and Richard Polwhele"
10.30 Coffee break

Lis Møller

Gunilla Hermansson: "Isles of Felicity. Dialogues between Danish and Swedish romantic writers"


Gry Hedin: "The art of the land. An investigation into the connec-tion between landscape painting and geology in Denmark c. 1850"
 11.45 Coffee break  
12.00 Chair:
Bent Sørensen
Charles Armstrong: "Glorious birth of Mind and Colour: James Clarence Mangan, Nationalism, and Ekphrasis"
12.30 Wojciech Nowicki: "The Grand Tour reversed: A Polish patriot explores Britain in the 1820s"
13.00 Lunch  
14.00 Chair:
Mia Rendix
Roland Lysell: "Poetic vision and melodrama in Coleridge's Remorse. A Tragedy in five Acts."
14.30 Elisa Müller-Adams: "Concepts of Nationalism and Cultural Transfer in Historical Novels by Caroline de la Motte Fouque"
15.00 Coffee break  
15.15 Chair:
Marie-Louise Svane
Andrew Miller: "Skirmishing between the Awful and the Beautiful: Herman Melville’s Battle-Pieces and their Depiction of the Sublime and the Pastoral Tradition"
Kasper Guldberg: " ‘How Certain the Future Is’: The influence of Hegelian philosophy on the poetry of Walt Whitman
Jesper Kruse: "Romantic Appropriations of the Dactylic Hexameter"
16.45 Coffee break
17.00 Plenary discussion
17.30 Goodbye
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