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PhD defense by Nanna Møller Mortensen

PhD defense by Nanna Møller Mortensen

Nanna Møller Mortensen defends her thesis: The challenges of translating and implementing co-production in care services – A Danish case study.


26.06.2020 kl. 13.00 - 16.00



The challenges of translating and implementing co-production in care services – A Danish case study


Currently, there is a shift from New Public Management (NPM) to New Public Governance (NPG) emerging worldwide, which has made co-production a popular concept in the public sector (Osborne, 2010; Wiesel & Modell, 2014). Co-production builds on the premise of direct participation by citizens in public service delivery, and it is assumed that co-production leads to beneficial outcomes, such as increased efficiency and better citizen well-being (Bovaird & Loeffler, 2012; Brix, Krogstrup, & Mortensen, 2020; Steen & Tuurnas, 2018; Van Eijk & Gascó, 2018). Co-production is currently spreading despite scant knowledge on how municipalities co-produce in practice or if co-production leads to the desired outcomes (OECD, 2011; Voorberg, Bekkers, & Tummers, 2015). Theoretically, co-production reshapes the traditional roles of public frontline staff and service users and has implications for how service delivery processes are organized (Pestoff, 2019).

Aalborg Municipality is currently implementing an organizational change moving towards a higher degree of co-production. Through the theoretical lens of Scandinavian institutionalism translation theory, the dissertation investigates how co-production, as an organizational idea (Røvik, 2007), travels into and down Aalborg Municipality’s Department of Disabilities. The dissertation demonstrates how co-production is translated and framed at the strategic level, and how the intra-organizational translation processes affect the constructions and implementations of co-production at the frontline level. The dissertation builds on qualitative multiple-case design, with three frontline care services as cases. The dissertation aims to embrace the challenges for implementing co-production aligned with theoretical assumptions about processes and effects.


  • Professor mso Julie Borup Jensen, Aalborg University (Chair)
  • Professor Kjeld Arne Røvik, Universitetet i Tromsø
  • Professor Ottar Ness, NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)


  • Professor mso Hanne Kathrine Krogstrup, Aalborg University


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