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Conversational Danish

Conversational Danish

– A supplementary course in oral Danish for academic staff at CGS. Course level: beginners and lower intermediate.

If you are already attending the Danish course at Language Center Aalborg and feel you need to practice your oral Danish proficiency in a university setting, this course is for you.

The course will include texts of relevance to your work at CGS as well as texts of a more general nature, which will help prepare you to speak in Danish about a range of topics with your colleagues and students.

When reading and discussing the texts, you will have an opportunity to practice your Danish pronunciation, prosody and grammar as well as expand your Danish vocabulary and your familiarity with the Danish culture.

Course sessions will take the form of a workshop, and will be organised according to the needs of the participants. This means that active involvement and a small amount of homework should be expected.

The course will not replace your Danish course at Language Center Aalborg but should be seen as a supplement and an extra opportunity for you to practice your spoken Danish.

Instructor: Kirsten Gammelgaard Poulsen, certified teacher of Danish as a second language, English translator and language consultant at AAU Language and Communication Services (LACS).

Course dates: Sessions will be held every Friday at 13:00-14:30. The first session will be on 14 September and the last on 7 December. There will be no sessions in weeks 40, 41 and 42.

Number of participants: min. 4 and max. 6.

Attendance is paid for by CGS.

Venue: AAU Aalborg, Kroghstræde 3 (room number to be announced).

Course registration: Register for the course by writing an email to Kirsten Gammelgaard at

 Registration deadline: Tuesday 4 September 2018 at 12:00.


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