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Introducing multicultural teams

Introducing multicultural teams

The C-inter group is happy to announce that our "Introduction to PBL & multicultural teamwork" is now available for download from our web page.

The main author is Kirsten Jæger, who here combines her extensive experience as a PBL supervisor with a review of international literature published on students’ multicultural teamwork. So if you are puzzled about incidents you have observed in multicultural groups or should like to know more about opportunities and challenges associated with this type of work organisation, please take the time to read the document.

The Introduction is available from the C-Inter Resources web page. Here you will also find a series of shorter texts introducing key topics such as group work, roles in PBL groups, diversity, group formation and Global English. You will find the material here.

In the autumn the C-Inter group plans to host a meeting on supervision, multicultural teams and PBL. If you are interested in joining us for this discussion, please contact Hanne on:

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