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The C-Inter Network


The C-Inter network is open to researchers who work theoretically and empirically with internationalisation processes in higher education, in organisations and in society. The network aims to 1) produce new knowledge on internationalisation, documenting and evaluating existing policies and practices; and 2) contribute to the development of ‘best practice’ by engaging in dialogue with internal and external actors involved in and affected by internationalisation processes. The group understands internationalisation broadly, welcoming researchers from areas such as linguistics, cultural studies, intercultural communication, education, organisation studies – and indeed any discipline with an interest in pursuing research in the area of internationalisation.

Current members’ interests include:

  • International and comparative education
  • Intercultural communication and learning
  • Interconnections and cosmopolitanism
  • Discourses of ‘interculturality’ and ‘internationalisation’
  • Global Citizenship education
  • Global and international relations
  • Language politics and practice in higher education
  • Higher education – policies and practices
  • PBL and internationalisation
  • Interdisciplinary and intercultural PBL

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Hanne Tange
Research coordinator Hanne Tange

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