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Interdisciplinary Research Group in Culture (IRGIC)

Interdisciplinary Research Group in Culture (IRGIC) consists of researchers in fields such as Nordic, English, German and Spanish literature and culture, history of ideas and media, and music. The group uses a wide range of research perspectives, which correspond to the diverse nature of cultural production.

Culture is a key concept in the humanities. In recent decades, global development has presented new challenges to cultural research. Its aim has been to read, in part, the complex and profoundly expanding social cultural production, and in part to discuss the change in the human conditions that this development has created.

Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies research deals with the cultural exchange between diverse meaning and media systems that appear in today's information society and globalized reality. The group deals with both historical and contemporary cultural forms as well as the interaction between them.


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Peter Stein Larsen

Forskningskoordinator Peter Stein Larsen

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