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UniMus works to develop networks and research collaborations between museums and universities, thus promoting the exchange and sharing of knowledge between these institutions.

UniMus is a forum where museum and university people can meet to share the research that is going on at Danish museums and universities. These meetings take the form of theme days, seminars and a knowledge exchange where participants can share information about upcoming or ongoing projects as well as call for collaborative partners.

The purpose is to promote the exchange of ideas and to establish joint research projects in cultural and art history, dissemination and communication, experiential design and other disciplines relevant to those working with the cultural heritage and its dissemination. UniMus sets out to promote projects at both senior researcher and doctoral level, just as the center also prioritizes interdisciplinary projects.

The center is based at Aalborg University and is open to all interested museums and universities. The initiative reflects the great importance that Aalborg University attaches to establishing contact between the university and the surrounding community, including, of course, cultural heritage institutions, the experience industry and the business community.

The UniMus knowledge exchange center is serviced by the Institute for Politics and Society, and the day-to-day management of the center is handled by Associate Professor Line Vestergaard Knudsen.


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Lector Line Vestergaard Knudsen

Lector Line Vestergaard Knudsen

Fibigerstraede 1, 11
9220 Aalborg East