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OPENING RECEPTION AT Kunsten – Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

Wednesday 4 July 2018, 18:30-20:30.

The welcome reception is hosted by the City of Aalborg. The reception will be held at KUNSTEN – Museum of Modern Art Aalborg which is within walking distance of the conference venue. A light buffet dinner and beverages will be served. Also, we encourage you to take a tour of the art museum in connection with the reception – entrance to the art museum is free of charge for conference participants during the opening reception.

Included in the registration fee.

KUNSTEN – Museum of Modern Art Aalborg. Photograph: VisitAalborg

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Thursday 5 July August 2018, 19:30 -

The CADAAD conference dinner (three-course conference dinner including 3 glasses of wine (or other beverages) and coffee/tea) at the exquisite Restaurant Fusion right on the Aalborg Waterfront with a magnificent view of the Limfjord.

Price: DKK 550

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Guided walks/tours of aalborg

On Saturday 7 July we offer conference attendees (and accompanying partners/family) the chance to see a bit of Aalborg so we hope that many of you will extend your stay in Aalborg. The guided tours can be booked during the conference registration process.

Practical information (meeting point etc) will sent directly to participants who register for the guided tours.

A. The sunny - and dark sides of Aalborg in the 17th century (guided walk – 1½ hours)

We follow in the footsteps of the rich and the poor. How were their lives and rights? What happened in case of misfortune and illness? Which penal sanctions could be imposed on them? Consequences could be terrible for a thief, a prostitute, a witch or a self-inflicted poor man, that is a younger unemployed man. We walk to places of the historical events.

Price: DKK 100

B. Art and history of the Town of our Lady [Fruebyen] (guided walk – 1½ hours)


The theme of this one-hour walk is the history and the art of Fruebyen/the Noerregade neighborhood in central Aalborg - the place where peasants previously stabled their horses and made their purchases at the merchants’ houses. We will look at the art of, among others, Erik Heide, Henrik Voldmester, and Otto Evans while the guide will talk about the neighborhood's history. The tour ends at Lange Kunsthåndværk (a handicraft gallery/shop), located in a 200-year-old 4-winged farm, formerly a blacksmith’s farm. Here, the Lange family will show us around in their gallery and sculpture garden and talk about the work in the ceramics and glass workshop.

Price: DKK 100 


Hjelmerstald. Photograph: VisitAalborg

C. Experience the waterfront of Aalborg from the sea (guided sail/walk – 1½ hours)

The best way to experience the impressive transformation Aalborg has gone through is from the sea. Aalborg Harbour was already mentioned in the Middle Ages and went through a rapid development. For Aalborg this meant large sums of collected taxes. The phasing out of the inner port began in the 1970s and soon its replacement, the commercial East Harbor, was finished. For centuries the fjord and town have lived separately, but now the fjord has become part of the town. Therefore join in on board the boat M/S Kysten and listen to the story of the harbour and its development in the past, present and future  - sailing from Aalborg Portland in the east to the island of Egholm in the west.

Price: DKK 225

D. Lindholm Høje Viking Burial Ground and Museum 


In the year 692, Vikings looking for a safe harbour settled at what is now Aalborg. The settlement was also strategically placed for it was at the Limfjord's narrowest point, giving the Vikings an easy crossing point and ready access to the North and Baltic Seas. These factors, together with a plentiful supply of foods from the rich agricultural land, led to the city becoming a very important Viking market and trading port, attracting traders from across the known world at that time. Today, the city’s most important Viking monument is what we will be visiting – Lindholm Høje Viking Burial Ground and Museum.

From our bus stop, a short walk will take us directly onto the burial site at Lindholm Høje; the largest Viking burial ground so far discovered. Here, we will be able to walk amongst the more than 700 graves, whilst hearing about Viking burial practices and why this wonderful monument survived to this day. Following this we will visit the museum, it is no ordinary museum, it is a museum whose exhibits were found at Lindholm or surrounding Viking settlements. Two floors graphically and educationally introduce pre-Viking and Viking life and culture. Here you can see how they lived, played, worked and died. Yes, Viking history comes to life, myths are dispelled and answers to many questions answered.

Price: DKK 225 


Lindholm Høje. Photograph: VisitAalborg


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