Department of Culture and Learning


1. Bestseller and Blockbuster in Historical and Conceptualizing Perspectives

  • Concepts of bestseller and/or blockbuster
  • Highbrow, lowbrow, and middlebrow: cultural hierarchies in history
  • Cultures of popular reading through history
  • Bestsellers in history
  • From Hollywood to Bollywood and Hong Kong Movies
  • Corresponding concepts for television serials


2. Present and Future of Bestsellers and Blockbusters

  • The book market today and in the future
  • Trends in bestsellers of the present
  • Cultural hierarchies of today
  • E-books, e-literature and audiobooks
  • Trends in current television serials or movies
  • Telling stories on several platforms in media convergent cultures
  • Bestsellers/blockbusters cross media
  • Multimedial storytelling


3. The Quality Concept

  • Bestsellers/blockbusters as trash and/or quality culture?
  • Genre and style in bestsellers/blockbusters
  • How can “Art Cinema” and “Art Television” be popular television?
  • Bestsellers and standards of quality
  • Production values and reception qualities


4. The production of bestsellers and blockbusters

  • Planning a bestseller and a blockbuster
  • International co-productions
  • Bestseller and blockbuster celebrities
  • The author as celebrity
  • Adaptations: from bestseller to blockbuster or popular TV serials
  • International, transcultural adaptions
  • The tie in effect
  • Spin off and merchandise cultures: marketing, bestseller tourism, computer games and cross media productions


Conference coordinator Gunhild Agger

Conference secretary Marianne Høgsbro