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Call for papers

The aim of this interdisciplinary conference will be to provide a space and forum for junior, early career and established researchers to discuss how to challenge current practices in both the humanities and the social sciences that still too often seem to pay lip service to already voiced criticism from political philosophy, critical and gender theory, postcolonialism etc. of the past decades rather than follow up on the implications from these schools of thought in (and perhaps just as important, beyond) analyses.

In short, the aim of the conference is to challenge status quo and see what new ideas can come out of it in the end. Moreover, an aim therein is to attract junior, early career as well as established researchers and though a healthy balance share challenges and experiences.

We have two confirmed keynote speakers. The first is Patrick Joyce, professor emeritus from Manchester University, has used Michel Foucault's histories and theories of governmentality in his historical account of the emergence of the liberal state, and he has been engaged in exploring the concept of class in a historical context in dialogue with E.P Thompson among others. The second keynote-speaker, Ph.d. Berber Bevernage, has encouraged the development of a new chronosophy or politics of time in his recent book History, Memory, and State-Sponsored Violence (Routledge, 2012). Here, he investigates the relation between "official time" and personal experiences in countries with conflicted pasts and questions prevalent notions of time in the social sciences and humanities.

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Henrik Gjøde Nielsen
Johan Heinsen
Martin Ottovay Jørgensen,
Maren Lytje,

Ph.D. students, Department of Culture and Global Studies
Aalborg University, Denmark



Conference coordinator Henrik Gjøde Nielsen 

Conference coordinator Johan Heinsen  

Conference coordinator Martin Ottovay Jørgensen 

Conference coordinator Maren Lytje

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