Creative University Conference 2016

Session Overview

Session Overview

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parallel Session 1: Thursday August 18th, at 11.00-12.30

Type of session and room Presenter/Chair Title of abstract

1A  - room 4.105
Symposium: Arts and Learning

Chair: Julie Borup Jensen, Peter Abrahamsen, Heidi Bang Oxlund, Elisabeth Mølholm Andersen, Pernille Sams, Felicia Bech Lillelund and Holger Kærgaard Arts and Learning in Social Education Studies

1B - room 3.329
Paper Session
The University in Society

Chair: Tatiana Chemi  
  Presenter 1: Søren S. Bengtsen, Wesley Shumar Contemporary Universities and the Production of Value
  Presenter 2: Anders Buch, Joakim Juel Inventing Problems for Technical Solutions – The Co-production of Universities, Skills and Engineering Challenges
  Presenter 3: Sonja Arndt, Susanne Westman, Eva Alerby Embodiment, Places and Relationships: Re-imagining creativity and innovation in the university
1C  - room 3.429
Paper Session
Innovative pedagogy
Chair: Lone Krogh  
  Presenter 1: Anne Marie Ryan Transforming traditional undergraduate science education: integrating leadership and science worldviews
  Presenter 2: Helle Marie Skovbjerg, Frederikke Winther Creative Production as a pedagogical strategy – examples from Theory of Science
  Presenter 3: Franz X. Bogner (DE) CREATIONS: Promoting STEAM to Engage Science Classrooms
1D - room 3.529
Paper Session
Meta-perspectives on Knowledge Cultures
Chair: Birthe Lund  
  Presenter 1: Linlin Wei (CN) The Individual Difference of Creative Personality among Chinese. Undergraduates: A large-scaled Survey
  Presenter 2: Teija Löytönen (FI), Mirka Koro-Ljungberg (FI) A slow reading [of] notes and some possibilities of liberated, open, becoming universities
  Presenter 3: Bente Elkjær, Niels Christian Mossfeldt Nickelsen Universities between Marketization and Self-branding

parallel Session 2: Thursday August 18th at 13.30-15.00

Type of session and room Presenter/Chair Title of abstract

2A - room 4.105

The University as Institution with an Idea

Chairs: Richard Heraud, Michael Peters The University as Institution with an Idea
2B - room 3.329
Paper Session
Innovative Pedagogy
Chair: Eva Brooks  
  Presenter 1: Mary Anne Kristiansen, Felicia Lillelund Involving communication for children – Through art based methods
  Presenter 2: Tine Lynfort Jensen A holistic competence-based approach to student engagement in innovation processes at the humanities
  Presenter 3: Carol B. Brandt, Rikke Toft Nørgård More than Shiny New Spaces for Tinkering: Fostering Design Practices and Thinking in University Makerspaces
2C - room 3.429
Paper Session
Teacher Education/ Professional Education
Chair: Julie Borup Jensen  
  Presenter 1: Mohammed A. Gamal (EG) Enhance creativity in teacher education through interdisciplinary approach and Co-teaching techniques
  Presenter 2: Karen Stine Egelund, Pernille Sams, Kirsten Kofod Hyldahl How can students portfolio support and capture the aesthetic learning processes and lead to reflection and learning outcome
  Presenter 3: Anna Montana Cirell (audio)

Foucauldian Power/Knowledge Reading of Schooling: the Multiple Functions and Forms of Pedagogical Power (Audio Presentation)


2D - room 3.529
Paper Session
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Chair: Tatiana Chemi  
  Presenter 1: Birthe Lund Learning Goals may harm Understanding of Innovation and Creativity
  Presenter 2: Palle Damkjær Rasmussen Creative university 101 - the Aalborg University integrated first year study programme
  Presenter 3: Hanne Dauer Keller, Søren Frimann How PBL pedagogical at the university leads to creative learning in working life

parallel Session 3: Thursday August 18th at 15.15-16.45

Type of session and room Presenter/Chair Title of abstract

3A - room 4.105 

Arts-Based Methods in Higher Education

Chair: Tatiana Chemi Arts-Based Methods in Higher Education
3B - room 3.329
Paper Session
The University in Society
Chair: Birthe Lund  
  Presenter 1: Susanne Marie Weber Academic Heterotopias: Envisioning Students as Possibilists and Future Designers
  Presenter 2: Wesley Shumar, Sarah Robinson Re-imagining Entrepreneurship for a Creative University: What universities can learn from Craft Brewing
  Presenter 3: Richard Heraud, Elina Maslo Open and Social Innovation: Interdisciplinary Participation in Understanding and Addressing Significant Problems
3C - room 3.429
Paper Session
University and Workplace
Chair: Julie Borup Jensen  
  Presenter 1: Line Revsbæk, Søren Willert Non scholae, sed vitae: Activity-based, reality-infused academic teaching
  Presenter 2: Lone Hersted Roleplaying as Participatory Inquiry for Research and Learning
  Presenter 3: Maria Marquard, Marianne Sempler, Hans Mikkelsen Fostering a culture for transformative entrepreneurial learning

3D - room 3.529
Paper Session
Learning processes and knowledge building

Chair: Chunfang Zhou  
  Presenter 1: Farshad Badie Conceptual Analysis of Inductive Meaning Constructing in Constructivitist Interactions between Mentor and Learner
  Presenter 2: Susanne Dau

Knowledge Work and Knowledge Creation – the Impact of Instruction 

  Presenter 3: Anne Mette W. Nielsen, Rikke Platz Cortsen Knitting the Concept – the Use of Artistic Strategies to move the Knowledge Culture in Academic Teaching

parallel Session 4A: Friday August 19th at 10.30-12.00

Type of session and room Presenter/Chair Title of abstract

4A - room 4.105 

Panel Discussion: Future perspectives for Higher Education.

Chairs: Annie Aarup Jensen, Ann-Merete Iversen, Annie Stavnskær Pedersen, Lone Krogh Drawing perspectives for future Higher Education - Creative epistemic encounters beyond discussion


parallel Session 4A1: Friday August 19th at 12.00-12.30

Type of session and room Presenter/Chair Title of abstract

4A1 - room 4.105
Paper session
Constructivism and Teacher-Student Interaction.

Chair: Annie Aarup Jensen  
  Presenter 1: Julie Borup Jensen Art-based pedagogies and Development of Innovative, Professional Identities in Social Education Studies


parallel Session 4B, 4C, 4D: Friday August 19th at 10.30-12.30

Type of session and room Presenter/Chair Title of abstract
4B - room AUD
Paper Session
Teacher Education/Professional Education
Chair: Hanne Dauer Keller  
  Presenter 1: Kasper Moes Drevsholt Sprogfitness / Language Fitness
  Presenter 2: Sarah Palle Leegaard, Dorthe Riis Kristensen Improvisation in a pedagogical context (the obscure professional competence of pedagogues)
  Presenter 3: Eva Born-Rauchenecker Supporting natural scientific literacy in ECEC: Developing students’ professional competencies

4C - room 3.429 

Paper Session: Student perspectives

Chair: Sarah Grams Davy  
  Presenter 1: Terrence S. McTier Jr., M.A. Exclusion and Erasure as Variables in Cultivating Critical Thinking and Innovative Learning for Formerly Incarcerated College Students
  Presenter 2: Marek Tesar Reconfiguring the Creative University and its Lecturer-Subjects
  Presenter 3: Richard Heraud The University and its Students: Innovation and the Innovative Subject
  Presenter 4: Lina Hauge Katan, Charlotte Baarts Enhancing student learning through inquiry-based reading

4D - room 3.529

Paper Session

University, Digitalisation and Virtualiity

Chair: Birthe Lund  
  Presenter 1: Sean Sturm The Play-Space of the University
  Presenter 2: Klaus Thestrup, Sarah Robinson Creating the university for the future Digital technologies, an open laboratory and learning spaces
  Presenter 3: Anna Wach-KÄ…kolewicz (PL) Constructivist Approach in Entrepreneurship Education with the Use of Virtual Games
  Presenter 4: Chunfang Zhou How Ha-Ha Leads to Aha: Supporting a Playful Approach to Creative Climate