Creative University Conference 2016

Special panel discussion

Panel discussion on Creativity: A new vocabulary

As a special feature the conference presents Denmark's only Professor in Creativity, Lene Tanggaard. She will be discussing creativity as a new vocabulary in dialogue with Chalotte Wegener, Assistant Professor, all affiliated Aalborg University.


In this panel discussion we will explore, in dialogue with the audience, the value of a new vocabulary for creativity. Today’s discourses of creativity, both in science and everyday talk, commonly invoke related concepts such as innovation, invention, improvisation, giftedness, talent, intuition, emergence, combination, genius, eminence, divergent thinking, openness, etc. Most of these notions refer back to the creative person and rarely take his or her context into account. Indeed, our current vocabulary of creativity has the tendency to institute and maintain sharp dichotomies between creator and content, product and process, genius and ‘ordinary’ people, etc. What would happen though if we were to formulate a new way of talking about (and thus thinking and, consequently, doing) creativity?

Drawing on a broad background of sociocultural psychology, situated learning, and distributed cognition, we will propose and discuss new keywords for creativity. Among them: affordance, craft, difference, perspective, mess, mirroring, pathways, reflexivity, rhythm, stumbling, things, translation, upcyling, and others. Many of these terms are absent from our current vocabulary when it comes to creativity. What would happen if they took center stage? The three speakers and their audience will address this question in an attempt to think outside the box of an old vocabulary.



Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University


Chalotte Wegener, assistant professor

Department of Communication, Aalborg University