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Conference on Child and Teen Consumption - 2016

Aalborg University, Denmark, is happy to host the 7th Child and Teen Consumption conference the 27-29th of April 2016.

For the 7th Child and Teen Consumption Conference the theme is: ‘Child and Teen Consumption: Cultural Contexts, Relations and Practices’.

The conference is interdisciplinary, inviting contributions from anthropology, cultural studies, history, consumer studies, marketing, media, policy, sociology, economy, psychology, childhood studies, tourism studies, etc.

We look forward to seeing you in Aalborg.

Child and Teen Consumption

What is CTC?

The CTC community is an association of academics and practitioners from across the world motivated by the development of interdisciplinary and innovative research about children and young people, in order to understand their role in society with regard to consumption.

CTC members are from many and varied disciplines who may have different research interests but who all have a main objective to advance research and increase our knowledge about child and teen consumption issues.

The key functions of the CTC community are:

  • to increase the knowledge and understanding of developments in youth consumption practices in society,
  • to increase the knowledge and understanding of economic socialization and child development in today’s society,
  • to analyse the impact of new marketing technologies and new practices on children and young people’s cultures,
  • to facilitate communication with professionals in youth industries and relevant government bodies in order to make them aware of the choices they make and how they might impact on children and young people’s lives,
  • to facilitate and encourage more responsible managerial practices with regard to young people.

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Research Group on Culture and Consumption

The focus of study of the Culture and Consumption Research Group is a number of aspects of consumption, in both everyday consumption and when mundane consumption is replaced by the extraordinary (special occasions, vacations). A special interest is taken in cross-cultural, local and global perspectives in this area of study.

The research group works with symbolic and expressive, habitual and routinized perspectives on consumption.

Research interests are related to all sorts of consumption and how consumption is embedded in social relations. A strong focus is on the consumers' perceptions and uses of goods and services, but marketplace communication (advertising and promotion of various types and through various media) across and within markets are studied, too.

The research is interdisciplinary and approaches the study of consumption from a broad array of mainly qualitative research methodologies.

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Conference coordinator Malene Gram

Conference secretary Julie Skibsted Larsen

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