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We invite all interested scholars to submit abstracts for papers dealing with The Dark Side of Communication, i.e. what dark side communication activities ‘are’ and what they ‘do’ in or with reference to organizational contexts. Papers may focus on empirical cases and/or conceptual, theoretical or philosophical issues within the following or related questions:

  • What may constitute dark side communicating activities? And why? 
  • Where do we find dark side communicating activities? And why? 
  • How do we analyze dark side communicating activities? 
  • Why are organizations (ostensibly) making use of dark side communicating activities? 
  • How do we – as scholars as well as citizens – evaluate dark side communicating activities?

The conference takes place against a backdrop of:

  • (critical) organizational communication 
  • corporate, professional, and business communication 
  • critical management studies 
  • critical discourse studies 
  • critical media studies

Needless to say, all interested scholars from adjacent fields are highly encouraged to attend. 

Abstracts should not exceed 300 words and should include title of paper, research topic, method, empirical data, theoretical approach, (expected) findings and references (max. 5 references).

Please ensure that your abstract is anonymized by removing all features from the text as well as from the document properties that may help identify you as the author of the text. For references to your own work in the reference list, please use ‘author’.

Presentations have a duration of 20 minutes + 10 min discussion. The conference language is English.

Deadline for submission of individual abstracts is 15 January 2019. Notification of acceptance is due early March of 2019.

► Please submit your abstract via EasyChair

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    EasyChair quick guide

    1. Login to the conference submission page:  
      a) Existing users of EasyChair may login to EasyChair using their existing “user name” and
          “password” (e.g., if you have previously submitted an abstract for another conference using
      b) New users must sign up for an EasyChair account on the EasyChair website. 
    2. When logged into EasyChair click on the ”New Submission” button in the top left corner.
    3. Please fill in the mandatory information under ”Authors” for all authors of the paper/panel (please have the following information ready before you start the submission: name, email address, institutional affiliation of all authors).
    4. Insert the title of your proposal.
    5. Special guidelines for thematic panel proposals and abstracts, respectively:

      • In the online submission form, please write the name, email address and affiliation of the person(s)
        who will chair the panel. Please make sure to tick the “corresponding author” box for at least one
      • Paste your proposal text into the online form (max. 600 words).

      • In the online submission form, please write the name, email address and affiliation of all authors.
        Please make sure to tick the “corresponding author” box for at least one author (only corresponding
        authors will receive notifications from the system). 
      • Please select the speaker. In case of more than one presenter, please write the additional name(s) in
        the “Comments” box. 
      • Paste your proposal text into the online form (max. 300 words including references). 
    6. Add ”Keywords” (minimum three keywords on separate lines). 
    7. Click on the ”Submit” button
      (you can revise the abstract and author information etc. until the submission deadline).

    Important notice:

    Please note that acceptance notifications will be sent via EasyChair. Unfortunately, emails from EasyChair are often caught in spam filters so please make sure that you check your spam filter and change your email settings so that EasyChair emails are never blocked.


Conference chair: Peter Kastberg

Conference secretary (main contact): Julie Skibsted Larsen

Conference secretary: Marianne Ellersgaard

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