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  • Professor Dennis Mumby, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA, is the world-renowned driving force behind the school of critical organizational communication. His research focuses on the relationships among discourse, power, and organizing – as well as organizational processes of control and resistance, and how this dialectic is discursively produced, maintained, and transformed.

    Keynote speech: (Re)Branding the Dark Side: Communicative Capitalism and Neoliberalism
  • Professor David Boje, New Mexico State University, USA, is the founding father of the concepts of “ante-narratives”, i.e. a sort of bet on what will become a (dominant) narrative, and “counter-narratives”, i.e. narratives that challenge taken-for-granted (dominant) narratives of, say, organizational life, power, roles etc. His research is dedicated to systematically conducting non-traditional narrative inquiry in the management realm. 

    Keynote speech: Water storytelling and dark side of sixth extinction denial
  • Assoc. Professor Charlotte Simonsson, Lund University, Sweden, is renowned for her research into roles and practices of communication professionals, especially in change processes, where communication between managers and employees is crucial. A tenet of her research being that leaders can no longer make do with controlling employees’ physical actions, but equally need to manage employees’ imaginations and interpretations. 

    Keynote speech: Managerialism – a threat to communication professionalism?
  • Dr. Erika Darics, Aston University, UK, is renowned for her research into the interactional creation of employee and organizational identity and power – as well as the lack thereof – in professional contexts. Her research takes its point of departure in a critical, highly empirical, qualitative and discourse perspective on professional and business communications.

    Keynote speech: Coming out of the dark: critical language and discourse awareness as key soft skills


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