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Official welcome Reception at the City Hall

The City of Copenhagen will host a light reception (a drink and the traditional “City Hall crepes”) at the City Hall (Rådhuspladsen 1) on Wednesday 29 March 2017. 

Optional guided walking tour about prostitution in Copenhagen from ca. 1874 until today (30th March 2017 at 19:00)

As part of the social programme, we can offer a guided field trip around Copenhagen with historian and self-proclaimed nerd, Nina Søndergaard, leader of the company Nerd Tours.

Prostitution, pimps, public ladies
An experiment in regulation: From 1874 to 1906 we had ‘public ladies’ in Denmark, not as in civil servants but public as in sharing things. Minute regulation of the selling of sex, the prostitutes and the pimps. Fear of syphilis, overcrowding and money made a sordid cocktail. See some public houses (brothels), hear about the opposition and some of the women in the system. Plus get a glimpse of Copenhagen when it was a slummy, sordid city and not the pretty, colorful, expensive livable city it is today.

The field trip  begins and ends at Rådhuspladsen/City Hall Square, GPS coordinates: 55.6756, 12.5696.
The route is about 2 kilometers (1.2 statute mile or 78740 inches) long.
Time: The duration of the field trip is approx. 1½ hour, covering the time from 1874 until today.
Limited spaces: max. 40 persons.
Price: DKK 100 (including 25% VAT).

For information about sightseeing and other activities in Copenhagen please visit the official VisitCopenhagen website.

Copenhagen City Hall


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