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11 November 2015(Master-class, not part of regular conference)


11:30 Lunch
12:00 PhD presentations with response from Manning & Massumi
12:00 Tobias Linnemann Ewé, “Sonic Affect”
13:00 Kata Halasz, “The Making of White Woman”
14:00  Coffee break
14:30 Rasmus Holmboe, “Sound, Performance, Curation”
15:30 Tobias Skiveren, “Bodily Experiences in Minority Literature”
16:30 End of workshop
19:00 Dinner in town (possibly at own expense)


12 November 2015

Venue: First Hotel Aalborg, Rendsburggade 5, 9000 Aalborg

09:00 Welcome
09:15 Erin Manning, University Research Chair, Concordia University
Brian Massumi, Professor, Université de Montréal
Joint conversation on “Artfulness”
10:15 Coffee

Panel 1

  • Liani Lochner, "What Literature Can Do: Performing Affect in Zoë Wicomb’s October" 
  • Jens Kirk, "Awe" 
11:45 Lunch

Panel 2

  • Morten Søndergaard, "Doing Things With Sound (in) Art: The Ultra-local Beat of Peter Laugesen (with some comparisons to Per Højholt, Dan Turèll and Michael Strunge)"
  • Bent Sørensen, "Tarot and the Poets – 20th C. American Poets using the Tarot"
  • Beate Schirrmacher, "Performative Plots and Medial Performativity in Günter Grass’s and Elfriede Jelinek’s fiction"
14:15 Coffee

Panel 3

  • Adriana Margareta Dancus, "Real Women Act Themselves. Vulnerability and Bullying in Anna Odell’s The Reunion (2013)" 
  • Katalin Halasz, "On Affecting White Femininity: The Chamber of White at Performance Sense Laboratory, Art Zone Roskilde Festival 2014 
  • Elizabeth Jochum and Lance Putnam, "Robot Aesthetics: Practice-Based Research in Robotic Art and Performance"
16:15 Coffee

Panel 4

  • Christina Schoux Casey, "Release your wiggle: Inchoate affects in New Orleans bounce music." 
  • Steen Ledet Christiansen, “Sounds of Futures Past: Dark Night of the Soul”
17:30 Wrap-up of today's discussions
19:00 Conference dinner at Mortens Kro


13 November 2015

09:00 Frederik Tygstrup, Professor, Copenhagen University
10:00 Coffee

Panel 5

  • Clarence Burton Sheffield Jr., "The Ecosystem that is Comics: Nick Sousanis’s "Unflattening" and the Process-Oriented Approach to Art" 
  • Jodie Childers, "Constraint and Resistance: The Making of Art Brut in the American Asylum"
  • Betty Li Meldgaard, "Creativity and Materials in Artistic Processes"
12:00 Lunch

Panel 6

  • Emma Cocker, Nikolaus Gansterer, Mariella Greil, "Choreo-graphic Figures: The Notion >< Notation of Figuring"
  • Anders Bonde and Birger Larsen, "Triangulating eye tracking and GSR measurements for aesthetic impact assessment" 
  • Anne Mette Winneche Nielsen & Rikke Platz Cortsen, "How we think through doing – artistic strategies and their role in new codified setS of practices"
14:30 Coffee
15:00 Wrap-up of today’s discussions

Please download program here (PDF).


The How to Do Things with Art Conference has received financial support from the Carlsberg Foundation and
the Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities.


Conference coordinator Steen Ledet Christiansen

Conference coordinator Jens Lohfert Jørgensen

Conference secretary Julie Skibsted Larsen

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