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Migration in a historical and contemporary perspective, similarities and differences in perception and reception of immigrants and emigrants

20 - 21 of May, 2015

utzon center, Aalborg

Labour migration has throughout history repeatedly influenced Denmark and the rest of the world demographically, culturally, socially and politically. Each wave of migration has been perceived as special in the receiving countries and in the sending countries that may have lost a number of fellow citizens.

This conference will discuss the differences and similarities in migration and integration processes based on analyses of historical and contemporary migrant flows. The aim is to examine and discuss whether the same structural features are found in both immigration and emigration to and from different countries and in different historical contexts. Even if the basic assumption is that there is a correlation between individual groups of migrants and their integration process in specific national contexts in given periods of time, it is assumed that there exists more universal aspects connected with migration and integration causes, which in more or less prevailing forms are found in the specific process.

This conference will therefore analyse and discuss the importance of a number of factors found in different migration and integration processes, in different historical contexts; ie language, ethnic and social network, social background, the legal system, social rights, access to the labour market and geographic and cultural proximity. The main question is whether general patterns and aspects of migration and integration processes can be discovered in order to create a new and better understanding of the contemporary challenges regarding inclusion and exclusion of immigrants.

The conference welcomes papers dealing with these issues in the conference workshops.

The conference is arranged by the MiCLU-project (Migration and inclusion), which is a collaboration between the Research Centre for Migration and Diversity (CoMID) at Aalborg University, the Danish Immigrant Museum, and the Danish Emigrant Archive. 



Conference coordinator Ruth Emerek

Conference coordinator Jens Topholm

Conference secretary Ulla Langballe

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