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Leo Lucassen

Leo Lucassen is Director of Research of the International Institute of Social History (IISH) in Amsterdam. Besides this he has kept his affiliation to Leiden University to the Institute of History in Leiden for one day a week, holding the chair ‘Global Labour and Migration History’. His research profile includes Global Migration History, Integration, Migration Systems and Migration Controls. Some of his important books are Globalising Migration History. The Eurasian Experience (16th-21st Centuries) (eds. with Jan Lucassen, Leiden and Boston: Brill Puplishers, 2014) and Migration History in World History. Multidisciplinary approaches (eds. with Jan Luccassen and Patrick Manning, Leiden and Boston: Brill Publishers, January 2010).

John Mark NielseN

John Mark Nielsen is Executive Director of the Museum of Danish America (formerly known as The Danish Immigrant Museum) in Elk Horn, Iowa, and Emeritus Professor of English at Dana College in Blair, Nebraska. His research interests are immigrant narratives within the context of American Literature. He has been the recipient of numerous fellowships and teaching awards. While a Fulbright Fellow in Denmark in 1983-84, he was a consultant to the National Museum of Denmark in preparing "The Dream of America," a major exhibition on Danish emigration to the United States.

Richard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins has since his retirement in September 2014 been Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Sheffield University. He is honorary professor at Aalborg University. His research profile includes ethnicity and racism, as well as nationalism, and he has published widely on these topics. Some of the most well-known book are: Social Identity, 3rd Edition, Routledge – 2008, Rethinking Ethnicity: Arguments and Explorations, London: Sage, 2nd edition, 2008 and Being Danish: Paradoxes of Identity in Everyday Life, Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, 2nd edition, 2012; 3rd edition (revised translation): At Være Dansk: Identitet i hverdagslivet, 2014.

Randi Lorenz Marselis

Randi Lorenz Marselis is associate professor at the Department of Culture and Identity at Roskilde University. Her research profile includes the migrant history and heritage and the web, which she has written about in fx: ‘One Way to Holland: Migrant Heritage and Social Media’, in K. Drotner, & K. C. Schrøder (Eds.), Museum Communication and Social Media: The Connected Museum. (pp. 75-92). Chapter 4.New York and London: Routledge. With Laura Maria Schütze; and ‘Migrant life stories and the Web : the experience of having your life story made public.’ In: Social Semiotics, Vol. 23, No. 3, 2013, p. 368-384.


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