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Organizational learning, knowledge and capabilities conference Copenhagen 2020

OLKC 2020 - Conference

OLKC 2020 - Conference



Update 19th March 2020:

In relation to track 1:

The special issue in ‘Journal of Workplace Learning’ edited by Associate Professor Nikolaj Stegeager and Anja Thomassen with the title “Organizational Learning for Sustainable Development” has an open call for papers until 15th May 2020. See full details in the link below. Inquiries regarding submissions can be made to og


Update 13th March 2020:


The special issue on action research in the journal Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management has been cancelled due to only a few accepted papers.
Submission should have been made by using ScholarOne Manuscripts (online submission and peer review system) before the deadline, which is now exceeded.
If you have further questions, please contact the editor: Giuseppe Scaratti:

In relation to track 3:

The special issue in ‘The Learning Organization’ edited by Associate Professor Jacob Brix has an open call for papers until 31st May 2020. See full details in the link below. Inquiries regarding submissions can be made to


Update 12th March 2020:

We regret to inform you that yesterday the government in Denmark closed all non-critical public institutions for at least 14 days and prohibited gatherings of more than a 100 participants. Furthermore, Aalborg University has banned all travel activities to foreign countries for staff. Together with our Head of Department we have decided that we, under these circumstances cannot host the OLKC conference in April this year. Thus, we are sorry to inform you that the OLKC 2020 hereby is canceled. We are so sad that we have to cancel but we cannot guarantee your safety and we will most like not be able or even allowed to accommodate so many people from all over the World in the midst of April. Furthermore, still more countries are setting up restrictions for entering and leaving the country and nobody can foresee where this is heading in the forthcoming months.

Everyone that have already registered for the conference will get their registration fee refunded. This will happen automatic within a week. If you have any questions – please contact Jeanette Arboe (

Hotel bookings made with the OLKC booking code, will also be cancelled and refunded. 

We are not able to help with refunds on flight tickets.


We are so sorry about all the inconvenience the cancellation will course, however, we see no other way forward. We hope things will normalize before summer and that we all will get through this period without serious illness. Hopefully, we all will be able to meet next year for the OLKC in Boston.

Be safe

Best regards    

Nikolaj Stegeager, Anja Thomassen, Søren Frimann, Lone Hersted, Mogens Sparre, Nikolaj Klee and Jeanette Arboe  

Conference Organizing Commitee



Date: 23th and 24th of April 2020

Doctoral days: 21th and 22th of April 2020

Bridging research and practice through organizational learning is the theme of OLKC 2020 – bridging diverse practices, organisations, people and disciplines in order to explore new perceptions of organizational learning with the intension of creating organizations and companies that are ready for the challenges of the third decade of the 21st century. At the conference, we want to explore the possible positive outcomes of relating and connecting theoretical and practical understandings of organizational learning in new ways. An “out-of-the-box” thinking, to other disciplines, other professional fields and other areas og production, is necessary as new understandings of organisational learning is needed in order to support sustainable organisational development – understandings that can grasp the increasing complexity of the 2020-decade. This conference will address these problems by connecting researchers within the fields of organisational learning and knowledge with practitioners from various organisations end engage them in dialogues thereby attempting to address some of the problems that the organizations of our time are facing.



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