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IRFD Network Opening Conference

What is a Record?

Slides from the opening conference on What is a Record?

Opening conference



17 & 18 JANUARY 2019

Conference slides:

► Barbara Reed (Keynote): Recordkeeping Innovation 

    ► Frank Upward, Barbara Reed, Gillian Oliver & Joanne Evans: Recordkeeping Informatics for a
         Networked age, Monash University Publishing, 2018

► Julie McLeod & Elizabeth Lomas: Record DNA - Reconceptualising the life of digital records as the
     future evidence base 

► Elizabeth Shepherd: Whose records are they? Agency and subject access to social care records 

► Gijsbert Kruithof: Rethinking the archive function 

► Øivind Langeland, Tor Anton & Tokel Bråthen: Can enterprise architecture be used in an
     interdisciplinary approach to records management and archives in digital surroundings? 

► Andrew Janes: Metadata (r)evolutions: Asserting “recordness” in the “recordness” in the archives of
     the UK government 

► Christian Larsen: A holistic description of the Danish society: The Danish National Archives’ New
     Strategy for Selection of Records 

► Michael Moss & David Thomas: The foru corners of the page and the digital record 

► Wout van der Reijden: Appraisal for managing records – a strategic instrument 

► Lars-Erik & Anneli Sundqvist: Messy mergers and the moral defence of records 

► Herbjørn Andresen & Anneli Sundqvist: Why and how algorithms may be treated as, or in, archival

► Samuel Edquist & Olle Sköld: When does research data become records? Theoritical, political, and
     cultural challenges 


Conference coordinator Marianne Paasch

Conference secretary Berit Hvidberg Christensen

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