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Research collaboration

Researchers and students in the Department of Culture and Learning have a long tradition of collaborating with external partners. We have thus accumulated vast experience and expertise in launching and conducting projects to the benefit of the parties involved.

Collaboration can take many forms, from research projects with one or more researchers to student projects and work placement. If you are interested in participating in a project with researchers or students, you can read more about the different options on this page, including what this involves for you and your organisation. It is also here that you can find information on who to contact in order to establish a possible collaboration.

Contact the department of culture and learning if you are interested in a possible collaboration.

Research Collaboration at Department of Culture and Learning
Institute for Culture and Learning wishes to promote the externally sponsored research, and will gladly accept inquiries from companies, organisations and other research institutions, concerning ideas for new collaborations.


We regard cooperation and the exchange of knowledge essential for advanced research. Therefore, the researchers of the institute participate in a wide range of research collaborations – including representation in external boards and committees -. Both regionally, nationally and internationally. Furthermore, several of the researchers are involved in collaborations with private and public organisations, and are thereby contributing to the development of knowledge regionally and nationally.


Here are three examples of collaborations with researchers from the Institute of Culture and Learning:

► Aalborg University and Bang & Olufsen break new ground with research collaboration

► Collaboration with Aalborg Airport

► Skilled for the future – More youths in vocational education in the Capital Region

Research Projects

► See examples of ongoing research projects 

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