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Centre for youth research (CEFU)

The lives of young people are changing in the wake of current societal changes. These changes profoundly affect the world of young people, including their participation in institutions, in democratic organizations and in the labour market. The ambition of The Danish Centre for Youth Research (CeFU) is to understand these changes and how they affect youth today.

The objectives of the research group are to:

  • To be an agenda-setting research centre in Denmark and internationally for research into youth and the lives of young people
  • To carry out research incorporating a youth perspective which covers the different aspects of youth in depth - empirically and theoretically
  • To undertake interdisciplinary and problem-oriented research that is of relevance to society and can be applied in practice to benefit young people
  • To Be a research centre that enters into dialogue and collaboration with the users of youth research - including the association[AJF1]  behind the centre

Mainly deploying sociological, cultural anthropological, pedagogical and socio-psychological approaches, the Danish Centre for Youth Research (CeFU) is currently working in five areas. The five areas of interest are:

  • Youth and work
  • Youth and education
  • Youth and democracy/participation
  • Youth and marginalization
  • Youth, health and lifestyle.


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Research Coordinator Noemi Katznelson
Noemi Katznelson, Head of Research Group
Phone: +45 2068 6680

Communication Coordinator Mette Stigaard Stenkjær
Mette Stigaard Stenkjær, Communication Coordinator 
Phone: +45 2029 4629

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