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Interplay with teaching

CABE - Interplay with teachingsCaBE teaches both bachelor and master programmes at Aalborg University. Here, students are presented with the most recent research in the area and acquire specific skills that can be deployed in different types of organizations, including public, private and volunteer-based organizations. Read more about the programmes taught by members of CaBE below:

The Bachelor's programme in Organisational Learning

The Master's programme in Learning and Change Processes

The Master's programme in Learning Processes

The Master's programme in Capacity Building and Co-Creation

The Master's programme in Innovation and Creative Learning Design

The Master's programme in Process Management and Organisational Change

External research and development projects

CABE - External research and development projectsThe research group delivers research-based knowledge and products of knowledge, thus contributing to effective capacity building, evaluation and organizational development in private, public and volunteer organizations. The group conducts research on the basis of a principle of double validity: committed research improves practice and contributes to the development of organizations and institutions, while the research itself is informed by and improved through practical application.

Fields of Research

CABE - Fields of ResearchCaBE works with the following theoretical perspectives: capacity building, evaluation, co-creation, organizational learning, university-industry collaboration, innovation, creativity and user-involvement. The theoretical perspectives of the research group are applied to a variety of substance areas, including education (kinder garden, public school, secondary education, higher education), the social services (elderly/handicapped, housing, social work and the mentally ill), private organizations and the volunteer area.

Communicating knowledge

CABE - Communicating knowledgeThe research group participates both in conferences and seminars, presenting the most up-to-date knowledge in the fields of research and substance areas of the research group. Furthermore, members of the research group hold lectures or deliver presentations to inspire practitioners and professionals.


CABE - InternationalisationThe research group works with external researchers and practitioners to further knowledge of capacity building and evaluation – not just in Denmark, but in the entire world. Through conference participation, network meetings, cross-national projects, publication in international journals etc, the research group works actively to create knowledge for the world.

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Head of Research Group Julie Borup Jensen
Head of Research Group Julie Borup Jensen
Kroghstraede 3, 4-222
9220 Aalborg East

Phone: +45 9940 3440, +45 2750 6828

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