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The Culture and Consumption research group (CC)

The Culture and Consumption Research Group (CC) conducts research in consumer culture and the consumer society, focusing on different aspects of consumption in everyday life (conscious and rational, symbolic and expressive, habit and routine-related) as well as in situations of extraordinary consumption (special occasions and holidays).

The research group seeks to link its study of individual consumption to overall social, cultural and political changes and to view consumers as actors in global/local markets. Theoretically, the group takes a range of interpretive, narrative, constructivist and post-structuralist approaches. The research is interdisciplinary (sociology, anthropology, marketing and cultural studies) and mainly qualitative.

Research topics

  • Consumption as an aspect of everyday life. This includes topics such as negotiation in the family, children and young people as consumers, consumer habits, lifestyle, fashion, identity constructions and new types of collective consumption. The research focuses on consumer practices and the negotiation of consumer roles.
  • Consumption of places and experiences in a global/cross-cultural perspective. This includes research which breaks with the traditional distinction between ‘home’ and ‘away’, paving the way for new types of holiday which may involve identity construction or reflect links between everyday practices and holidays.
  • Citizen-consumers and precarity in credit-based consumer societies. This includes sociological and anthropological research on moral economy, consumer subjects and consumer agency as they relate to the changing role of credit in global consumer markets and global credit markets and to the constitution of precarious consumer groups and their responses. 

Cross-cutting and theoretical ambitions

C&C research aims to conceptualize socio-cultural processes related to the development of consumption in globalized contexts. The research also seeks to establish links between marketing studies and social science studies, drawing on theories from the social sciences.  On the one hand, we develop ‘global’ and reflexive methodologies applicable to marketing, and on the other we view consumption as a vehicle for gaining insight into socio-cultural processes, identities and relations.

Impact ambitions

The research emphasises societal impact.  At a general level, we aim to point out research implications for national/international policy arrangements and institutions, and at the specific, concrete level, we emphasise the strategic application of research results by relevant actors ( e.g. private enterprises, public institutions, consumer organisations and tourist organisations).

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