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New Obel Professor: Orvar Löfgren

Orvar Löfgren will be associated with CC - Culture and Consumption and TRU - Tourism Research Unit.

Orvar Löfgren is currently a professor (emeritus) at Lund University, Departement of Arts and Social Sciences, division of Ethnology.  He has particular and extensive insight in the research fields of cultural analysis, ethnographic methods, everyday life, consumption and tourism. A particular concern in Löfgren’s work is the cultural analysis of mundane activities which are often overlooked such as routines, what goes on, when nothing seems to happen?, waiting and daydreaming.

Löfgren has published several books on these issues including ’Exploring everyday life: Strategies for Ethnography and Cultural Analysis with Richard Wilk (2016) and ’The Secret World of Doing Nothing’ med Billy Ehn (2010). Within the field of tourism, Löfgen has in particular worked with emotions and materiality in travelling. Currently, Löfgren is directing a research project entitled ‘The Management of Overflow’ and a smaller project on ‘How Everyday Life Shapes Domestic Media’.