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New associate professor: Julia Zhukova Klausen

New associate professor: Julia Zhukova Klausen

As of January 1, 2016, C-DiT has a new associate professor.

As of January 1, 2016, I am appointed as an associate professor in the Center for Discourses in Transition (C-DiT). I am a graduate of Aalborg University with a Master’s degree in English and International and Intercultural Communication. Since my graduation, I have been working at Aalborg University in a number of posts: as a teaching assistant at the departments of Language, Culture and Aesthetics, as a PhD fellow at the department of History, International and Social Studies) and as an assistant professor at the department of Culture and Global Studies, where I shall continue my work in the new position.

My doctoral studies and work as an assistant professor have been devoted to research on discourse and transnationality, more specifically the matters of transnational identity, networking, interaction and governmentality as well as multimodal discourses and multi-sited practices that mediate these aspects of transnational living and participation. In the associate professor post, I shall continue developing these research directions while focusing on the issues of transnational communication and conduct. Some of the research projects with which I am currently engaged and on which I continue working includes: the discourses of contest and collaboration in the Arctic, mediated discourses of new Russia and new Russian sovereignty. 

My primary research affiliation as an associate professor will continue to be with the Center for Discourses in Transition (C-DiT). In addition, I shall collaborate with the other research units in the department and the university such as Centre for Innovation and Research in Culture and Learning in the Arctic (CIRCLA) and Mattering: Centre for Discourse & Practice.

My teaching responsibilities in the new post will continue to be placed in the international Master’s programme in Culture, Communication and Globalisation, where I shall teach and supervise in the stream of International Relations and the Global Order as well as across the streams. In addition, I shall function as the coordinator of the programme. 

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