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New book: Studies of Discourse and Governmentality: New perspectives and methods

Edited by: Paul McIlvenny, Julia Zhukova Klausen and Laura Bang Lindegaard. Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Paul McIlvenny, Julia Zhukova Klausen and Laura Bang have recently published an edited volume Studies of Discourse and Governmentality. New perspectives and methods. Several researchers of the Center for Discourses in Transition as well as from the other research units in Aalborg University and outside have contributed to the volume.  The book brings together analyses of governmentality from different angles in order to explore the multiple forms, practices, modes, programmes and rationalities of the ‘conduct of conduct’ today. Following the publication of Foucault’s annual lecture series at the Collège de France, scholars have attempted to critically rethink Foucault’s ideas. This is the first volume that attempts to revisit and expand studies of governmentality by connecting it to the theories and methods of discourse analysis. The volume draws on different theoretical stances and methodological approaches including critical discourse analysis, conversation analysis, dialogic analysis, multimodal discourse analysis, the discourse-historical approach, corpus analysis and French discourse analysis. The volume is relevant to students and scholars in the fields of critical discourse studies, conversation analysis, international studies, environmental studies, political science, public policy and organisation studies.

Edited by: Paul McIlvenny, Julia Zhukova Klausen and Laura Bang Lindegaard
Publisher:  John Benjamins Publishing Company 
ISBN: 9789027206572
Number of pages: 402
Year of publication: 2016

Can be purchased here.

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