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CfU and Policy Futures (AU) host public seminar on October 26 on antiracist education with Professor George J. Sefa Dei and leading Danish scholars

The seminar is a part of ”Reforms in Education: A European Research Network” (financed by the Swedish Research Council /Vetenskapsrådet) and offers unique insights into antiracist education as a theoretical and practical tool, as well as acknowledging the importance of antiracist education. Leading scholars in Denmark give panel presentations based on their own research. The seminar is open for all upon registration.

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CfU is pleased to announce a public seminar on Antiracist Education arranged alongside Policy Futures (AU) featuring esteemed antiracism scholar, Professor George J. Sefa Dei. The seminar further features panels from leading Danish scholars within discrimination research, namely Associate Professor Jin Hui Li, Associate Professor Gro Hellesdatter Jacobsen, Postdoc Manté Vertelyté, Postdoc Tine Brøndum, Associate Professor Iram Khawaja, Professor Dorthe Staunæs and Assistant Professor Mira Chandhok Skadegård

The seminar is part of ”Reforms in Education: A European Research Network” financed by the Swedish Research Council /Vetenskapsrådet and open to all. Find sign up information below the programme. 


10.00 – 11.00  Keynote by Professor George J. Sefa Dei: “Anti-racism education as decolonial and anti-colonial practice”


The presentation focusses on making discursive links between race, Indigeneity, decolonization and anti-racist education. The session engages key concepts of race, [anti-]Blackness, Indigeneity and decoloniality for thinking through and working to create equitable learning outcomes for students and educational practitioners. We highlight crucial sites for anti-racist and anti-colonial interventions and the intersections of Indigeneity and decolonization for new educational futurities. The learning objective is to acknowledge the importance of anti-racism and contribute to theoretical and practical tools for thinking beyond Equity, Diversity and Inclusion [EDI] models from an anti-colonial lens. In the discussion, we ask: how do we develop our research and scholarship for decolonial and anti-colonial framings of anti-racism?  In what ways can institutions support this work? And, what next steps are required as ‘Way Forward’.


George J. Sefa Dei is Professor at the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Social Justice Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. George is the author of several significant works examining racialization, education, and inclusive schooling, more than a dozen scholarly books, as well as the recipient of numerous academic awards. Professor Dei’s research and teaching interests are in the areas of anti-racism and domination studies, the sociology of race and ethnicity, international development, indigenous knowledge and anti-colonial thought, political ecology, ethnography, and minority schooling. Dei has served as the Director of the Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies at OISE, was appointed a Fellow by the Society for Applied Anthropology and, in 2012, received the honorary title of “Professor Extraordinaire” from the School of Education at the University of South Africa.


11.00-11.30      Break


11.30-12.30      Panel 1

Jin Hui Li, Aalborg University: “Space and time – experiences of racially belongings through Danish schooling”

Gro Hellesdatter Jacobsen, University of Southern Denmark: “Educating for the “integration sector”? The Danish BA programme Intercultural Education seen in a postmigration, decolonization and anti-racist perspective”


12.30-13.30     Lunch


13.30-15.00      Panel 2

Mante Vertelyte, DPU Aarhus University: “Have we lost the Sense of Humor?!”Affective Senses of Racial Joking in Danish Schools

Tine Brøndum, University of Copenhagen: “Disruptions in time. Past, present and future in refugee narratives”.

Iram Khawaja, DPU Aarhus University: “Memory Work as Engaged Critical Pedagogy: Creating Collaborative Spaces for Reflections on Racialisation, Privilege and Whiteness”.


15.00-15.30     Break


15.30-16.30     Panel 3

Dorthe Staunæs, DPU Aarhus University: “Hopeful things: Affective Interventions in Diversity Work in Education”

Mira Chandhok Skadegård, Aalborg University: “Ignorance and Ignoring: Educator practices, (mis)interpretations, and reproduction of racism and discrimination in Danish higher education classrooms”



Contact Research Assistant, Hatice Filikci, to sign up for the seminar.