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CfU Co-Hosted 8th Nordic Education History Conference

May 25-27 Centre for Education Policy Research co-hosted the Nordic Education History Conference alongside Centre for History (The research groups for Knowledge, Sustainability and Heritage (KSH) and Conflict, Coercion and Authority in History (CCA)) from Department for Politics and Society. The conference was attended by over 80 scholars.

Last modified: 30.05.2022

nordic education history conference 

In the beautiful surroundings of AAU's department "CREATE" at Aalborg's waterfront, the conference attendees were welcomed by convenors, Professor Mette Buchardt and Professor Christian Ydesen.

The history of education field is a multidisciplinary field fostering interesting discussions. For many, this was their first in-person conference since the pandemic lockdowns between 2020-2022, so participants engaged actively between sessions.  

The first day was concluded by a city walking tour by Professor Buchardt and central part of the NEHC organizing comittee Research Assistant Simon Holleufer. The following reception was hosted by the Aalborg City Archives where Aalborg Municipality had graciously sponsored light food and drinks. Professor Mette Buchardt introduced Deputy Mayor Vibeke Gamst who welcomed the conference participants to Aalborg (ironically self-dubbed the Paris of the North) and cheered to the good and productive days ahead. (Press here to see the full programme for the conference)

The many sessions touched upon not just Nordic topics, but even American and Australian cases. Below is for instance PhD Fellow from Groningen University Chelsea Rodriguez. To see more pictures and updates from the sessions, press here to be directed to our Twitter hashtag "NEHC2022".

At the conference dinner Professor Christian Ydesen held a speech celebrating the field and reminding everyone of our scholarly responsibility to those we write about.

It was a pleasure for CfU to co-host this conference and we hope to see you all again in Stockholm in 2025 for the 9th Nordic Education History Conference.