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CfU's Jin Hui Li qualifies debate on norm critical teaching in public schools

CfUs Associate Professor Jin Hui Li was recently interviewed by the Danish newspaper Politiken as they directed focus on 'Normstormerne' (the norm stormers), an organization facilitating norm critical teaching and materials for lower secondary schools.

Last modified: 08.08.2022

associate professor jin hui li encourages dialogues between adults and children on gender and race 

On Monday August 8, 2022, the national Danish newspaper, Politiken, featured an article which asked whether there was cause for concern about the organization Normstormerne (the Norm Stormers, a norm critical educational organization). The organization has recently been the object of political debate because of their teaching approach and teaching material particularly concerning gender. 

Normstormerne was criticized in the political debate as being potentially 'radical' by over-emphasizing discussions on gender in public schools, although 90% of teachers who had used Normstormerne to facilitate discussions on norms reported they would recommend them to other schools. CfU's Associate Professor, Jin Hui Li, pointed out in the article how the teaching material used in the education for kindergarten teachers and pedagogues alike includes a norm critical book that "has many of the same points as the Normstormerne material. In this way, it is difficult to regard [their material] as radical". Normstormerne's teaching approach centers around dialogue on difficult topics related to norms (bullying, racism, other types of discrimination) and Li highlights in the article how the children will have the conversations with each other regardless of the adults' participation, but having adults facilitate the conversation is beneficial. Her sentiments were ecchoed by other researchers who participated in the article.

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