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Christian Ydesen discuss OECD and global education in the new FreshEd Podcast

Hear CfU's very own Professsor WSR Christian Ydesen discuss OECD and global education in this week's FreshEd Podcast!

Last modified: 10.05.2021

CfU's professor wsr Christian Ydesen discuss OECD and global education in new FreshEd Podcast

In CfU, we greatly appreciate the FreshEd podcast hosted by Will Brehm, where education topics and theories across the globe are discussed. FrehsEd is a non-profit organization that gives listeners free access to hear the latest knowledge and research on education. Learn more about the FreshEd Podcast by pressing here

The new podcast "OECD’s Past, Present, And Future" on FeshEd is with CfU's Professor WSR Christian Ydesen. Ydesen have recently co-edited a special issue of Globalisation, Societies and Education (find it here) and a couple of years ago he finished the project: "The Rise of an Educationalized World: A Global Analysis of the OECD's Educational Recommendations, Programs, and Impact". He has edited the book "The OECD's Historical Rise in Education". 

In this week's podcast, Brehm and Ydesen talk about OECD's global vision to promote education as a solution to social and economic challenges worldwide. Ydesen presents and analyzes how the OECD, which today is considered a global trend setter in education, because it highlights global indicators for education measurement, education norms and control by comparison (eg PISA). Listen to the podcat here.

You can also read about Professor Christian Ydesen's latest project "Education Access Under the Reign of Testing and Inclusion"The project, which is funded by the "Independent Research Fund Denmark" under the Sapere Aude program, deals with how education globally works in favor of two different and competing agendas. On the one hand, education systems focus on testing while inclusion at the same time is given high priority. The project analyzes and maps the consequences of this dilemma for students and their access to education worldwide. The project group brings together researchers from five different countries and focus on the countries Argentina, Denmark, England, Israel and China.