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Christian Ydesen Teaching This Week at Summer School in European Education Studies at KU Leuven

20 lucky PhD Fellows will between April 4-6 be at the SUSEES Summer School at KU Leuven. CfU's professor Christian Ydesen will lecture at the Summer School bringing history perspectives to their exploration into European education research.

Last modified: 04.04.2022

ydesen to teach at summer school for phd fellows working with european education policy, practices and outcomes

SUSEES is an annual Summer School in European Education Studies which is held this year by KU Leuven in Belgium. From April 4 to April 6 20 emerging scholars will explore innovation in teaching and research, as they engage in an explorative education laboratory "fostering theoretical and methodological imagination in the field of educational research". PhD Fellows will aim to advance their own efforts conducting European education research. 

At SUSEES senior scholars give lectures using examples from their own research process. Ydesen will present his work using examples on the OECD and UNESCO offering insights into using history and historicizing one's research. PhD fellows will learn how to draw lessons on global education from historical studies.

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Ydesen will teach alongside other great international scholars including Sotiria Grek (University of Edinburgh, UK), Paolo Landri  (IRPPS-CNR, IT), Nelli Piattoeva (Tampere University, FI) and Pieter Vanden Broeck  (Columbia University, US). The summer school is organized this year by Mathias Decuypere, Emiliano Grimaldi and Paolo Landri.

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