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Great CfU News: Ahrong Yang Succesfully Defends Her Dissertation!

Wednesday, February 2, 2022, was a day of distanced digital celebration, as CfU PhD Fellow, Ahrong Yang, succesfully defended her dissertation titled "Child-Friendly Racism? An ethnographical study on children’s racialized becoming in a race-blind context".

Last modified: 02.02.2022

cfu congratulates ahrong yang Nissen on the recommendation she is awarded a PH.D. DEGREE

Right before the Winter break, Ahrong Yang Nissen handed in her dissertation, which she succesfully defended on February 2, 2022 with more than 50 people showing up online to listen in on Yang Nissen presenting her work on racialized becoming and her concept of racialized forecasting as well as child-ed innocence. In spite of being physically distanced, the assessment committee and Yang Nissen had fruitful discussions with an engaging presence and the assessment committee subsequently recommended she be awarded her degree. In her acknowledgements, she expressed gratitude towards her assessment committee consisting of Professor Mette Buchardt (Chair), Aalborg Universitet and Head of Centre for Education Policy Research, Associate Professor Iram Khawaja, Aarhus Universitet and Professor Makiko Deguchi, Sophia University, Japan. 

Yang Nissen has been supervised by Associate Professor Iben Jensen (DEMOS) and with co-supervisors, Associate Professor Signe Hvid Thingstrup, University College Copenhagen and Professor Lene Myong, University of Stavanger. Jensen and Thingstrup both said a few words following the committees approval of the dissertation. Yang Nissen's main supervisor, Iben Jensen, especially highlighted her impressive theoretical and analytical work and abilities.

To learn more about the dissertation, press here. If you want to congratulate Ahrong Nissen, you can find her on Twitter by pressing here. In CfU we are hugely proud of Ahrong Yang Nissen's efforts and important work and wish her a well-earned celebration!