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Mira C. Skadegård qualifies Danish debates by disseminating discrimination research perspectives

Assistant Professor Mira C. Skadegård has made new media appearances disseminating her crucial knowledge on discrimination in Denmark. Discrimination is frequently discussed in the Danish media debate and to ensure qualified debate with a scholarly point of departure, the outlets often wish to draw on Skadegård’s expertise. Below are some of Skadegård's latest contributions.

Last modified: 07.06.2022

assistant professor Mira c. skadegård disseminates research perspectives on discrimination in danish media

CfU's Mira C. Skadegård has had some busy weeks and months participating in a range of media outlets providing a scholarly perspective on discrimination in Denmark. She has, for example, discussed organizational diversity measures and discriminatory colonial policies by Denmark. 

diversity and discrimination along a single axis

In the local news outlet Vigeur, it was revealed that Aalborg Municipality did not meet their goal to employ the same percentage of people with a "non-Western background" as the national average. CfU's assistant professor Mira C. Skadegård explains in the outlet how diversity cannot be boiled down to a checklist of employee attributes and suggests a broader understanding of diversity, which is more explicitly defined and clearly present throughout the organization. 

In Kræs on Radio 4, assistant professor Mira C. Skadegård spoke on a new political initiative that is meant to prevent anti-semitism, where funds are given to measures specifically fighting antisemitism. The approach is problematic according to Skadegård, as she is skeptical about the approach because it only points towards one group. and, as such, takes a "single axis approach" (where there is only focus on one aspect e.g. one religion or only gender). In Denmark we have limited competences and knowledge on sharing anti-discriminatory measures, so there is a national problem with implementing anti-discriminatory measures generally. She warns that a lack of discrimination protection and knowledge combined with initiating measures only against antisemitism risks overlooking other types of discrimination, especially towards other religious minorities. Find the full episode by pressing here.

denmark to come to terms with discriminatory and dehumanizing initatives

In the newspaper Berlingske, Mira C. Skadegård made a commentary on the recent news that Denmark for many years conducted extensive colonial abuse of power by inserting IUDs  into Greenlandic girls and women without their consent (and often without their knowledge). Skadegård highlights how the campaign drew on dehumanization of Greenlandic people. Further, she points out that phrases "for their sake" and "it was a different time" which were and are used to justify this discriminatory assault are a form of benevolent discrimination. Find the piece by pressing here. She unfolds this perspective more in a piece in Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa, where she also points out how the national perception in Denmark needs to change to allow for Greenlandic voices and experiences to be taken seriously, and to recognize the abhorrent discrimination Denmark has subjected the Greenlandic people to.