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PHD FELLOW AHRONG YANG NISSEN DEFENDS HER DISSERTATION: Child-Friendly Racism? An ethnographical study on children’s racialized becoming in a race-blind context

Ahrong Yang Nissen will on Wednesday, February 2, defend her dissertation titled: "Child-Friendly Racism? An ethnographical study on children’s racialized becoming in a race-blind context". Her investigation was conducted in Danish schools in a schooling system characterized by pervasive race-blindness, where the racialized lived experiences of children are often not addressed or even acknowledged.

Last modified: 27.01.2022

ahrong yang nissen defends her dissertation on february 2, 2022

What makes race and issues concerning racialization primarily seem a concern for adults? What are the implications of disconnecting race and children ‒ keeping race and racialization from children? Ahrong Yang Nissen's dissertation is dedicated to an investigation of these questions by investigating children’s racialized becoming in a Danish context, and in doing so, by foregrounding the racialized lived experiences in the Danish comprehensive school's middle years. 

The defence takes place online and therefore oppors wide-ranging opportunities for participation. Yang Nissen has been supervised by Associate Professor Iben Jensen (DEMOS) and with co-supervisors, Associate Professor Signe Hvid Thingstrup, University College Copenhagen and Professor Lene Myong, University of Stavanger. The assessment committee  consists of Professor Mette Buchardt, Aalborg Universitet and Head of Centre for Education Policy Research, Associate Professor Iram Khawaja, Aarhus Universitet and Professor Makiko Deguchi, Sophia University, Japan. 

Yang will present her project and it's findings, particularly her construction of a concept capturing the expected futures racialized children experience, Racialized Forecasting. You can find her article on the concept and more of her intriguing work by pressing here.

Grab a cup of coffee and tune in for this important online defence from 8 to 11!

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