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Prof. Buchardt discuss migrant children in the Nordics in new podcast

Head of CfU, Professor Mette Buchardt, participated in a Nordics Info podcast back in October and the episode is out now! Buchardt is interviewed by host and editor of Nordics Info, Nicola Anne Witcombe, on the history of migrant children's schooling in the Nordics.

Last modified: 05.02.2021

migrant children in the nordics: a conversation on schooling

In the past decade, attention on migrant children have seen a resurgance following e.g. the civil war in Syria and as a consequence of globalization debates. Head of CfU, Prof. Mette Buchardt unfolds the historical developments in the Nordic states (with an emphasis on the case of Denmark) in a new podcast episode by Nordics Info run by Aarhus University. Nordics Info provides dissemination about the Nordic Region and is an interdisciplinary endeavour with relevant and thorough contributions.

In the podcast, the host and editor, Nicola Anne Witcombe smoothly guides the listener through the historical developments of migrant education in the Nordic welfare states as unfolded by Buchardt. Buchardt for example nuances the broad assumption that guest worker migrants were mainly childless and male, and that their arrival in Denmark was the first migrants the Danes encountered. Buchardt e.g. discuss the 'Vienna children', modernity, tradition and how schooling molds citizens of the (Nordic) welfare states. 

Find the excellent and informative podcast by pressing here and learn more about Nordics Info here.

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(The podcast is available on all regular platforms such as Spotify as well as Apple's and Google's podcast applications)