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Centre for Education policy research (CFU)

Learning the Welfare State (WELFARELEARN)

The STATELEARN research team investigates the creation of citizens within the welfare state. This includes a keen interest in comparative welfare state studies, educational and social reforms, international and transnational education transfer, migration and migrant education, social cohesion and inclusion strategies, crafting of the nation state through education, and church and secularization reforms.

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Research in higher education (RHE)

This programme examines higher education nationally and internationally in the field between social development and educational policy movements at macro and meta levels, investigating the consequences and influence on and development of educational institutions' organizational, educational and pedagogical work on the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of education and teaching.

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Network for Research on Pedagogy in Upper Secondary Education in Past and Present (PIU)

Network for Research on Pedagogy in Upper Secondary Education in Past and Present (PIU)

The network is led by Associate Professor Karen Egedal Andreasen assisted by Henriette Duch from VIA University College. The network researches pedagogy and practices in upper secondary education (“ungdomsuddannelser”) including the education of teachers to the upper secondary schools.

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Global Education Policies (GEP)

The team Global Education Policies (GEP) is led by Christian Ydesen. The team focuses on international/global education from comparative and historical perspectives. Making this combination between comparative and historical studies the team offers a relatively rare perspective in international education research.


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Arts-based Methods and Perfomativity in Education and Education Research (AMPERE)

The AMPERE network aims to make visible two specific research interests shared by a number of researchers within CfU: arts-based research methods in teaching and educational research, and performativity as a theoretical perspective. We share an interest in approaches to performativity theories and research methods that include the body, affects, creativity, artistic means and methodological diversity. Read more

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