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Network for Research on Pedagogy in Upper Secondary Education in Past and Present (PIU)

About the network

The network is led by Associate Professors Karen Egedal Andreasen and Henriette Duch (the latter formally from VIA University College and external member of CfU). The network researches pedagogy and practices in upper secondary education (“ungdomsuddannelser”) including the education of teachers to the upper secondary schools. Their focus is especially centered around pedagogy, didactics, learning, citizenship (“dannelse”), social inclusion and implementation of change and development in a contemporary as well as a historical perspective.

In the network, we focus on perspectives for student and educator, management and organization as well as policy, with interest in problems as they unfold in practice in classrooms as well as in political- and managerial decision making processes in the past and present. Our research activities are generally based on qualitative and ethnographic methods and are theoretically based in e.g. sociological approaches.

Internal members

External members

Henriette Skjærbæk Duch      

Phone: 8755 1807


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