Department of Culture and Learning

Centre for Education policy research (CFU)


Research in Higher Education (RHE) is a programme led by Associate Professor Annie Aarup Jensen. This programme examines higher education nationally and internationally in the field between social development and educational policy movements at macro and meta levels, investigating the consequences and influence on and development of educational institutions' organizational, educational and pedagogical work on the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of education and teaching.

The RHE programme also investigates the microprocesses of education and teaching, as expressed, for example, in teaching practice, in teachers 'and students' action and interaction, and in problem-oriented learning and teaching processes. The study environment and student well-being also constitute a research area.


  • Research in higher education in the field between social development, national and international politics, organizational development and the development of education and teaching at the institutions (public and private)
  • Research in pedagogy, didactics and learning in higher education, including research in and the development of innovative teaching and learning methods
  • Research into the relevance and development of problem-based principles nationally and internationally and into how problem-based learning relates to other teaching activities
  • Research into the opportunities and conditions for higher education institutions and staff to provide education and training that matches the diversity of interests regarding future academics
  • Research into the educational / study environment and the experience and well-being of the actors involved

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