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CIRCLA’s geographical area of interest is the Circumpolar North (including Greenland, the Nordic Region/Countries; , Canada, Alaska and, Russia, the North Atlantic and the Polar Sea). Our field of interest is broadly defined as Arctic Studies, but particular priority is given to research in the human sciences within the areas of social, cultural and political analysis, discourse, communication, post-colonial governance, culture-driven innovation, and sustainable development - including tourism and the management of the natural resources and cultural heritage. In addition, we prioritize research with a focus on the Arctic and its relationship with other parts of the world – e.g.for instance, with Europe, Asia, Russia, and North America. The Arctic is indeed a global region, and it is important to be attentive to these transregional connections.

Researchers from CIRCLA are committed to developing strong conceptual, theoretical and methodological frameworks and approaches to attending to all themes. The combination of political sciences, philosophy, anthropology, Arctic studies, de-colonial and postcolonial studies, ethnology, and science and technology studies (STS) makes for a strong group that contributes to Arctic research with solid and innovative scholarly engagement,, and it opens up for new alliances and collaborations with partners both within and outside the Arctic region.

Our research currently falls within four broad themes

  • Climate change and sustainable development in the Arctic
  • Arctic politics and governance
  • Coloniality and beyond
  • Business development in the Arctic.

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Research Coordinator Lill Rastad Bjørst
Lill Rastad Bjørst, Head of Research Group
Kroghstraede 3 - 3.232
9220 Aalborg East

Phone: +45 5355 2095

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