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Sustainable Arctic Cruise Communities

Sustainable Arctic Cruise Communities

The Research Council of Norway has awarded 7,9 million Norwegian kronor to researchers from CIRCLA together with six other universities/research institutions for the 3-year project Sustainable Arctic Cruise Communities: from Practice to Governance. At CIRCLA, Carina Ren and Laura James will be involved in conceptual work on practice theory in cruise tourism and fieldwork in Greenland.

Project description

The aim of the research is to explore regional governance of cruise traffic and on-land management of cruise ships. This will be done by studying how cruise stakeholders in Arctic communities govern challenges resulting from cruise visits and how they collectively safeguard a sustainable future for Arctic cruise communities. Given the controversies of economic development and negative environmental and societal impacts of cruise tourism on Arctic communities, the primary objective of the research is to provide Arctic cruise communities with a toolkit for sustainable cruise tourism development based on research-based best practices.

The research covers the analysis of regional practices and existing policies and guidelines for managing cruise traffic and on-land cruise service at the sites of visits. In addition, the research method will be based on face-to-face interviews with stakeholders in six cruise destination as well as on-site field studies of on-land cruise services and passengers. The regional results are presented in all research areas.

The overall objective of the study, which is set to start in September 2020, is to create a database of opportunities and challenges in managing and directing cruise ship and passenger services in Arctic communities. The areas of research are Norway, Greenland, Russia, Svalbard and Iceland.

Project management in the Greenland case

Carina Ren, Associate Professor
Department of Culture and Learning, Aalborg University

Additional Participants

  • Hindertje H. Heemstra. Nord University - Project leader 
  • Karin Andrea Wigger, Nord University 
  • Albina Pashkevich, Dalarna University
  • Julia Olsen, Norland Research Institute
  • Marina Nenasheva, Northern Arctic Federal University
  • Þórný Barðadóttir, Icelandic Tourism Research Centre
  • Ulrika Persson-Fischier, Uppsala University - Campus Gotland
  • Carina Ren, Aalborg University, Copenhagen
  • Laura James, Aalborg University, Copenhagen
  • Einar Lier Madsen, Norland Research Institute
  • Leticia Noguiera, Norland Research Institute 

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