Department of Culture and Learning

News item from ComOrg - Communicating Organizations

John McClellan: New Associate Professor

As of 1 August 2020 ComOrg – Communicating Organizations has a new Associate Professor.

I am very happy to be affiliated with the ComOrg research group.

I earned my PhD in Organizational Communication at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the U.S. and am pleased be joining the Department of Culture and Learning as an Associate Professor.

As a former organizational change strategy consultant, my research attends to organizing discourses that enable and constrain opportunities to transform ways we understand and participate in organizational life. More specifically, my research explores the discursive qualities of organizing with attention to organizational cultures, subjectivities, power/control, and collaborative organizational change. My recent work has focused on understanding and inviting communicative practices that might better enable creative decision making and mutually beneficial organizational change.

I look forward to good conversations and engaged collaborations with the ComOrg research group.