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News item from ComOrg - Communicating Organizations

New assistant professor: Mia Thyregod Rasmussen

As of 1 August 2020 ComOrg – Communicating Organizations has a new assistant professor.

From August 1st 2020, I am employed as an assistant professor affiliated with the ComOrg research group.

I have a PhD degree in Business Communication from the Department of Management, Aarhus University. My research interests lie within the fields of organisational socialisation, human resource management and internal communication, especially knowledge communication. In my PhD dissertation entitled ‘Welcome Aboard’: Theoretical and Empirical Advancements in Understanding Dynamics of Organisational Socialisation in Start-Ups and the Role of Knowledge Communication, I explored the dynamics related to organisational socialisation and organisational knowledge communication in information and communication technology (ICT) start-ups, with a focus on opportunities and challenges related to being a newcomer in a new organisation.

Before joining ComOrg as an assistant professor, I was affiliated with the research group and with the Department of Culture and Learning as a research assistant, and I look forward to contributing even more to the research group and the department. Additionally, after completing my PhD, I have held positions as an external lecturer and research assistant at Aarhus University.

I have an educational background in business communication, with an MA in Corporate Communication and a BA in Marketing and Management Communication, both from Aarhus University.

I will be teaching various courses at both BA and MA level, as well as supervising a range of student projects, and I hope to help students experience the Heureka moments that I cherished as a student.