Department of Culture and Learning


Educational Structures and Social Justice (EDU-SOC)

Programme coordinator: Annette Rasmussen
Phone: 9940 7465, 2398 8872

Participants: Anette L. Hindhede (DEMOS), Karen E. Andreasen (CFU), Elisabeth Lauridsen Lolle (DEMOS), Lars Bang Jensen (CFU), Palle Rasmussen (CFU), Verner Larsen (VIA), Henriette Duch (VIA), Pia Susanne Frederiksen (UCN), Anna Bomholt (Tech College)


The programme places a critical focus on current education policies and reforms that raise questions about justice and social inequality in the education system. It brings together people from different research environments across sections and institutions, including university colleges and vocational colleges. We collaborate on developing and ensuring the quality of activities such as publications, development, and applications within research. The group has a high level of activity, with monthly meetings where we present, spar, and comment on each other’s written research work with a focus on issues of a methodological, theoretical, and analytical nature.


The common professional interest is changed structures and empirical observations in a number of educational areas, including:

  • Increased privatisation and changed subsidies in the primary school area
  • Self-ownership and new distribution structures in the upper secondary education area
  • Changed structures and social inequality factors in upper secondary educations
  • Adults’ opportunities and changed structures within continuing and further education
  • Transitions and admission requirements for higher education programmes
  • Pattern-breaking efforts on the higher education programmes
  • The individual’s choice and non-choice in higher education programmes
  • Phasing out of adult education opportunities in the provinces (e.g., the closure of adult education centres)

Overall, we work with research efforts in the following policy areas:

  • Social structures
  • Institutional structures
  • Assessment structures
  • Transitional structures
  • Governance structures

Research approaches

Structure–actor-oriented approaches; combination of methods – qualitative–quantitative: document studies, ethnography and registers/statistics; studies of processes at and connections between different levels, globally, internationally, nationally, and locally.

Examples of collaborations and activities (involving several of the group’s members)

Upper Secondary School Governance in Scandinavia – Nordic co-operation across the five Nordic countries on symposium and anthology

Postdoctoral Employability – International collaboration with researchers from Amsterdam and Milan on editing the Higher Education special issue

School choice between the public and private sector – planned book project

Educational Standardization in a Complex World (STANDED) – international anthology collaboration led by researchers from the University of Bergen

Adult Education, Common Good and Public Perspectives (ADUCOMMON) ITN application – in collaboration with a range of European universities

International Perspectives on Education Policy (IPEP) – collaboration with a range of national and international universities (Aarhus, Verona, and Nottingham) on holding summer/winter school

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